Blending with unspoiled nature, ancient Mountain Tea is a quintessential product, created from over 100-year-old tea buds on the top of thousands of mountains and forests in the North West of Viet Nam.

Each cup of Mountain Tea is an adventure into nature, letting you feel the elegance and sophistication of each tea leaf through its pure aroma, mellow acrid taste and deep sweet aftertaste.

With tea leaves hand-picked by ethnic people, mixed with natural ingredients such as cinnamon, coffee, chrysanthemum, ... to form Mountain Tea - a new convenient paper box version, Very suitable for gift and daily use. Please order tea to enjoy!

1. Coffee Tea:

- Produced from natural Mountain Tea and Arabica coffee.

- With a light sweetness, ripe fruit flavor combined with a little sour taste from coffee, helping to wake up and relax.

- 40gr paper box (2g x 20 filter bags): price 76,000 VND.

2. Cinnamon Tea:

- Made from Mountain Tea leaves marinated with cinnamon, fragrant with the Northwest mountains and forests, specially blended with delicious flavor.

- Helps to relax the mind, warm the body, circulate blood and stabilize blood sugar.

- 40gr paper box (2g x 20 filter bags): price 76,000 VND

3. Green Tea:

- It has a golden color of water, a cooling aroma that spreads, a rich taste with a slight acrid taste and a deep sweet aftertaste.

- 40gr paper box (2g x 20 filter bags)

- Price 76,000 VND

4. Chamonmile Tea:

- Made from Mountain tea and dried chamonmile flowers.

- Light sweet taste, deep floral scent, helps the spirit to relax, good for health.

- Paper box 40gr (2g x 20 filter bags): price 76,000 VND