Inspired by "Phở" - a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine, Phở Coffee Group brings the aroma of carefully selected cinnamon and anise, along with a moderate bitterness, adding a little sourness of Medium roasted coffee beans create drinks that are both familiar and new.

Using ingredients from Vietnam's specialty growing regions, Cong expects drinks imbued with the spirit of "Love Vietnam the Cong way", which will bring customers interesting experiences:

Phở Vina-Cano: the drink has the clearest "pho" flavor in the pho coffee group, with a gentle coffee taste but a passionate, seductive aroma

Phở Brown: rich flavor, light aroma, suitable for those who like to experience New experience

Phở White: still has the sweet and fragrant taste of Bac Xiu Cong, now with the passionate aroma of pho spices, making the drink both familiar and strange, both enjoyable and surprising

Phở Coffee with Cream: extremely suitable for diners who love the smoothness and richness of fresh cream, adding a little bit of slightly bitter coffee to blend just enough.


Love Phở, love Coffee and love Phở Coffee!