This season, Cong Caphe presents our Mooncake Collection, which resembles a captivating book and opens to reveal exquisitely handcrafted bamboo dragonflies from Thach Xa Village, Hanoi.

Our Mooncakes are 100% handmade and beautifully packaged in three options: NATURAL - TRANQUIL - and WHOLESOME, serving as a sweet and cherished memory for your loved ones.

- NATURAL Box: 06 mooncakes, 01 handmade bamboo dragonfly. Price: 669,000 VND.

- TRANQUIL Box: 04 mooncakes, 01 Mountain Green Tea, 01 handmade bamboo dragonfly. Price: 599,000 VND.

- WHOLESOME Box: 04 mooncakes, 01 handmade bamboo dragonfly. Price: 469,000 VND.

Flavors: Traditional, Durian Salted Egg, Taro Salted Egg, Coffee W. Coconut, Green Rice Coconut, Green Tea Pumpkin Seed.

From 02/07 - 15/07/2023, you can pre-order the mooncakes to enjoy the following discounts:

- Get 10% off when purchasing 1 Mooncake Gift Box.

- Get 15% off when purchasing 3 or more Mooncake Gift Boxes.

Hurry and place your order as quantities are limited!

During this Mid-autumn Festival, Cong Caphe also offers a variety of custom-designed Mooncake Gift Boxes for businesses, allowing you to leave a lasting brand impression. Choose from a wide range of flavors, complete with ample mooncakes, tea, and well-curated gift boxes. Businesses placing bulk orders can enjoy attractive discounts of up to 25%.

For large quantity orders, please contact:

- Fanpage: Cộng Mậu Dịch

- Hotline: 0911 866 511

- Email:


To learn more and order Cong Caphe's Mooncakes, visit: