"Vina Coffee group with three type: Vina-Cano, Vina-Latte, Vina-Cappu, were inspired by the famous modern drinks such as Americano, Latte, Cappuccino. Adding a little variation by using Vietnamese Robusta beans, combining the traditional filter brewing method and ""Western style"" brewing, gives you unique cups of ""Ta coffee - Western style"". Each coffee bean is carefully selected from farms with high standards of care in Vietnam, specially prepared according to traditional manual methods to create drinks imbued with the spirit and culture of "Cong Caphe style"

No longer afraid of coffee being too bitter or too sweet, Cong's Vina Coffee group has a light taste but still awake enough. Cong invite you to the 3 option of Vina Coffee:

☕️ Vina-Cano: Inspired by Americano, Vina-Cano has a fresh taste with rich filter coffee that is neutral with water, not too bitter but still retains the characteristic aroma and the aftertaste of our Vietnamese coffee.

☕️ Vina-Latte: Derived from the greasy Latte, Cong add a strong filter coffee mixed with a little sweetness of fresh milk, creating a light Vina-Latte, easy to drink.

☕️ Vina-Cappu: Inspired by Cappuccino, Vina-Cappu blends the flavor of Vietnamese filter coffee with a layer of fragrant milk foam, becoming a ""fit"" whole, fragrant and bold. ""Vietnamese Coffee"" - but ""Western style"" - light taste, easy to drink, please enjoy "

"Vietnamese coffee" - but "Western style" - light, easy to drink, pleases all, please enjoy!


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